Fashion is More than Just Clothes

From the 18th until 21st century, fashion has become the most favorite and coveted thing, especially for women. Besides food, people want to spend their money for fashion, starting from clothes, make-up, shoes, and accessories. They do this stuff to make themselves look fashionable or trendy. In order to make themselves ‘recognized’ by society, they want to take the time to learn about fashion. It can be the styles, designs, textiles, and even the vocabulary or language. On the other side, some don’t feel the same way. They argue that fashion is just about how or what to wear and not a big deal in society. Learning about it won’t affect anything. Furthermore, fashion is materialism, it costs an arm and a leg which only a few people can enjoy it. Well, a coin has two sides but let’s take a look at the good one. It is in my opinion that fashion can improve creativity, reflect people’s characteristics, and become a career path.

Creativity is commonly thought of as a personality trait that resides within the individual which ruled in the right brain. When you hear creativity, the first thing that gets into your mind must be about imagination, color, art, etc. This beautiful yet exciting side can be improved by fashion. Spending so many hours in front of your closet or at the clothing store is not useless. How can that be? When you’re pairing your shoes with a purse, a necklace or the make-up so that it’ll be event-apropriate, indirectly, you are improving your creativity. The colors, shapes, and fabrics make your right brain working. Are blue navy and yellow matched? Are open-toed pumps and sleeveless-top matched? Are leather and satin matched? Do I look great in this outfit? Well, that’s totally good. Your right brain needs to be sharpen frequently similar to a knife in order to make it useful. Fashion can do this thing. It may look underestimating but it really influences your persona in everyday life. People with creativity is more likely to have a chance to succeed in a school or a job. And it has been proven by psychologists.

The second point is that fashion can reflect people’s characteristic. Rachel Zoe, a Fashion Stylist said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” To be honest, I totally one-hundred-percent agree with her. Take for example, you are walking on the street then someone is passing in front of you wearing a pink neon skirt with a pair of hot pink platforms. I bet your first impression of her is whether she is a confident or an attention seeker woman. The way she wears bright too much showing that she’s full of happiness and likes to be the center of attention. From this evidence, you can know her characteristic based on what she wears and she also succeed in making people know who she is without having to open her mouth. Fashion can also be your way to let your freak flag fly. What people wear and their characteristic has a correlation like windows in the house. This is the one that people mostly argue with. Why? Because it need some money up to uncountable cost to make a person looks like what he or she wants so people will have the impression on the person just like what he/she wants. Example, fancy-branded clothes, plastic surgery, or eyebrow embroidery. We all know those things need a lot of money which makes fashion itself looks materialism. But back to the topic, actually we don’t always have to spend much money to reflect who we are to the society because the main point is not what you wear, but how you wear it.

There are many active industries in this world such as food, technology, mechanical and fashion industries. Fashion industry is very broad, each parts contains another subpart. Starting from the designs, patterns, textiles, styles, colors, shapes, smells, products’ boxes, advertisements, functions, runways, models, magazines, etc. Those things are also divided for women, men, and children. Based on those subcategories, we can take a conclusion that fashion is an industry which has many sections so that people with random skills can join in. A freshman college who takes accounting can have a role in the fashion management. An art lover can have a role in the fashion designing or pattern making. A talkative person can have a role in the advertising or promoting the products. Good-looking girls or boys can be the models who hit the runways. Even a technology expert can have a role in fashion. Take the Met Gala 2016 : Manus x Machina as an example. Then, a social media addict can be a fashion blogger to earn money. Those people also have a chance to travel around the world and even become famous if they thrive in their work successfully. Fashion can become a career path, if you know exactly what you’re passionate about since fashion school is not as cheap as you think.

Fashion keeps growing and spreading from year to year. And it is not just about clothes, it has important roles in life which can also give benefits for those who are interested in. . It’s standing at the same stage as the general knowledge and other stuff. It’s not wasting your time when you’re learning about it. It may take some money in progress but in the end it is worth the effort. Same as technology, it has big influences in society and in yourself too but you must have limitation to keep the main purpose reached. So, which side are you? Me or the others? The ball is in your court.

Label : Essay

Source : My own brain

Editor : Ms. Iriyanti from LIA Bintaro

Created :29/05/2016  22:33 WIB

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