I have to say you have to throw away your dream about life in college. It’s not like the movies, when you can hang out everyday and sleep peacefully then wake up on time with no bag under eyes and you still have time for some shit. But, i gotta say, thing like love is a little bit like the movies, and i guess my own experience have the potential to become the next popular romance movies with plot twist. 😦



First thing you have to know before decorating your room is your own major. For what reason?

  1. Inspires you
  2. Reminds you what you came for
  3. One of your passions



Second, what do you do in your spare time or what your other interests?

  1. Sport?
  2. Art?
  3. Fashion?
  4. Literature?
  5. Politics?
  6. Pet?
  7. Sex? (Not this one plz.)



Say no to “unbalanced budgeting”. We, as a college student, have so many things to buy, including pay for people who give us ‘special lines’. No? You don’t know about those thing? Ok.

  1. Write down your income
  2. Write where do you get them
  3. Stores in your area
  4. Visit them all
  5. Don’t forget to take a note about the price tag
  6. Choose stores which suit your wallet


Now you know 12% from what i am going to talk about. You can find another 88% below 🙂

I believe that you who are reading this, yes you, have different major/interests with me, right? So, I guess it is better to talk about things you must have in your room in general, i mean the most important, things that must to be there.

  • Clock & Calendar

I know we live in modern era where we use technology. We like to put all in our phones and sometimes it feels like we can’t live for the next hours without phones. And that’s bad. It is true that phone helps us but we can’t depend on it over and over. Including clock and calendar. I have to say you must put real clock and calendar in your room in order to prevent radiation from phones. As a college student, we always have assignment involved with laptop, phones, etc. So why don’t prevent a little by doing small things? Besides, putting a real clock and calendar bring a quiet-peaceful atmosphere into your room.


  • Mirror

Not only for girls, but also boys. You at least have two mirror in your room, in the bathroom and in the mainroom. Maybe it sounds crazy why do we have to spend more space for mirror while we can put other things? Well, there are three conditions.

  1. Your bathroom lock out of the blue while you are in a hurry. (Seriously, appearance is number one)
  2. You slip because you have no time to clean your bathroom floor
  3. You can only see a half of your body

Still thinking it’s not necessary?


  • Hangers

I suggest you to buy adhered hangers or stand-hangers to hangers with nails. You can move it whenever you want without leaving holes.


  • Picture/ Poster

Dare for having a room with plain walls? Yes, you may paint it but doesn’t it look more comfortable and warmer if you put frames? It can boost your mood when you’re having a bad day like you failed the lecture’s test or losing hope on your crush after hoping everyday he/she will say hello to you 😦 or you feel like your friends underestimate you even though you don’t know why:( or your friends leave you behind when you’re facing trouble 😦 or your friend always criticise what you’re wearing and doing even though they are worse than you 😦 or your friend get jealous on you and incite people to hate you and make you ashamed. 😦


  • Electric Socket

At least you have more than four electric socket holes. I think you know why.


  • Emergency Lamp
  • Carpet
  • HVS
  • Weapon

Any kind of weapon like pocket knife, baseball bat, or gun. Who can assure you everything is going to be alright? Someone can just walk in your room when you forget to lock the door. But, make sure that person is none of your family and friends.


  • Shoe rack
  • Secret Box

This is the most important i guess. You must have a secret box and hide it wherever you want and don’t tell anyone. Put your secret stuff which i can’t mention*_*.


  • Snack

A college student always hungry. Every hour. If they don’t get food immediately, they will look for their neighbours.


Your expectation about this article may be like a long paragraphs but in reality yours wrong. Take my advice, don’t put so much things in your room. You  need space to work especially if you study in engineering. Don’t influenced by the rooms on pinterest or tumblr which are look stylish and aesthetic. Once I was dreamt having one of them, but then i realised where i have to put my A1 papers? Better think about it twice, do you need it? if you just love it, just don’t.



Made by : Ann

Created : 10th of December 2016

Picture : Pinterest


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