Blots – Wattpad Story

I have been spending my holiday to thinking about story to upload in my wattpad. I love writings and I want to publish my own book one day

If you have time to do nothing then I suggest you to take a look of the link. Go follow and read then add to your library for update notification and go vote for my story.

It really helps me if you share the link to your friends.

Before the synopsis, if you have anything like journal, novels, mail, etc. in INDONESIAN and its not your mother tongue or foreign, you can click this

Synopsis of Wattpad :

You have a paper on your hand. Out of the blue, you fall because of rocks in front of you are sleeping and enjoying the world. Your body is covered of mud. But, your hand heads up so it only caused blots on your paper.

A freshman girl of fashion design and english literature of Prallece University have to decide between future or happiness. Boys come and leave every month and leaving blots in your heart.

One Reply to “Blots – Wattpad Story”

  1. I wouldn’t mind reading your story, but I refuse to read anything on Wattpad. That site is full of egotistical writers and a company that exploits other people. I wish you best…


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